Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The season for giving is here will you help.

Hi Everyone,

          Today, I got a message from my dear friend Halloween Jack who told me this horrible story that happen to one of the sweetest horror hostess around the Echantress Nocturna. She was violently mug by a person and it left unable to stand or walk. The hospital bills are pilling up and if any of you wonderful horror host fans could send a small donation , a card, or some cookies. If not please send your prayers and positive energy her way. Every little thing can help. Please help to make their Christmas a merry one and right the wrong that happen to her. The information below was sent to me by Jack. It tells you how you can donate and more. Thank you and have a nice day.
OK everyone, PayPal has FINALLY verified the account so we are now able to take donations for Enchantress Nocturna. I'm sure that everyone has heard the news about the horrendous act that was committed against her. We would like to do what we can for her. I know we are in tough times and we have Christmas right around the corner, but whatever anyone can do will be a big help.

We have two ways to contribute;

Through Paypal using

Or if you don't do Paypal, you can send donations, cards, well wishes or cookies, preferably chocolate chip (they made me say that) to...

The Bone Jangler
364 Lakelawn Blvd.
Aurora, Illinois, 60506

If using Paypal, please send a private message to the Bone Jangler here on FB, so he can keep track.

And please spread this around to other Horror Host and Horror sites where you can.

Thank you all! It is greatly appreciated! :) ♥