Sunday, June 26, 2011

Horror Host Merchandise Review: Elvira's show is back and it's DVD.

 Elvira's Show is back and it's on DVD.

Elvira is back and some of her first season is out on DVD in a double feature format. The first two double feature DVDs were released on July 14. I came along the first DVD in of all the places Wal-mart. I watched the two features and i thought they were good. "Night of Living Dead" is a classic and i know almost every horror host took out of their vault to show it on their show. " I Eat your Skin", it just something. I am still trying to wrap my head around it. It's got bad acting, Voodoo,and Zombies, which is mix that has the makings for a goof B-Movie. The good thing is for both of the movies you have the Hosts with the mostest to help you get through it. This first DVD is packed with a bunch of goodies. The two movies and some special features. The special features are behind the scenes with Elvira, Photo shoot with Elvira, "Mistress of the dark" Music Video by Ghoultown, and then there is also behind the scenes of the music video. In the different movies you can see that she has changed the way she hosted shows kind of. She still does her segments in between commercials and now she does this pop-up video kind of thing. During the movie she will pop in the corner give you her two cents and leave. All together I liked the DVD, If you are an Elvira fan this is definitely a must. I can't wait to get the other DVDs coming out. You can find the DVDs on and maybe at your local Wal-Mart. Well I hope this review will help you with your horror host DVD section.

The first set of DVDs that came out on the Jun 14, 2011.

The First DVD


The Second DVD.

The Second set of DVDs will come out on August 16,2011

The Third DVD.

The Fourth DVD

Ghoultown: "Mistress Of the Dark" Music Video:
This is the DVD special feature Music video. If you like it you can watch how they made it on the first DVD.

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