Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blob Fest July 2011: Meeting some Ghouls and Mr. Lobo himself.

The Blob came out in 1958, the movie starred a young Steve McQueen and a red dyed silicone blob. The blob was filmed in Pennsylvania and one of the places that celebrates every year being one of location is Phoenxvilla. In the town of Phoenxvilla, the Blob was filmed in the a theater called Colonial Theater.  The scene that was filmed in the colonial was the scene were the blob came through the projection booth and attack the movie goers as they run out of the theater. So lets jump years later to 2000, when the wonderful people at the Colonial decided to celebrate the theaters history with the movie Blob by hosting the Blob Fest every year. People flocks from miles around to have good time and celebrate the blobs legacy.
 Well I started to go to the Blob Fest three years ago and I been hook every since. The Blob fest has become something very special to me because Blob Fest is where I met the lovely Stella The Maneater from Manyunk and her butler Hives. And Stella was the one who helped to convince me to make this Blog. That was just last year and now this year I got to meet some new characters to add to the Spooktacular...history of Horror Host family. The first was Mister Lobo the host of the show Cinema Insomnia. He is a California host who has traveled twice now to Blob fest. I got to talk to him about his new magazine that just came out called, "Horror Hosts and Creature Feature." ( The Magazine will be reviewed on this site soon.) I also got to talk to him about the horror host trade and his 10th anniversary show coming up. Sadly our conversation was cut short because he was a judge at the costume contest they were having at the fest.

 The next group of people was the folks from the show the Ghouls A- Go-Go. Their show is set more around kids. Its kind of like those old dance party's but with kids and some segments thrown in between the dance and song times. They have a cooking segment, cartoons and much more. The humor is for both kids and adults and kids alike. I was able to talk to one of the guys and again i was sadly cut short by the costume contest again.
 I was able to pick up some DVDs from both tables. There will be some merchandise reviews coming for both in next couple of months.