Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guess who is comming to Monster Mania con August 19-21?

Hi Boys and Ghouls,

It's your old pal the kernal here.  This weekend the always exciting Monster Mania con will be in Cherry Hill, New Jersey between August 19-21. Their will be some awesome people coming to the con that is affiliated with this site. And they are Roxsy Tyler, Halloween Jack, Rob dimension and my friends over at the Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead T.V. Show are all going to be there. Below I will give you some heads up what the people I listed above will be doing at the con.

The first person is the Horror hostess Roxsy Tyler from the show Carnival of Horrors. This is the first year that she will be a official guest, which is awesome. Every year you would have to try to find her hidden in vendor room.  If you can't find her look for the Mad Hatter and he might be able to point you in the right direction.( I am not joking Roxsy told me to tell you folks out their to do, if you can't find her.) She will be selling some different things at her table such as her first DVD of her show "Carnival of Horror"episode featuring the Movie "Giant Leeches". It will be going for $6 and she will sign it for free.  She will also be selling her film debut, the movie called  "Booley" made by Potent pictures for only $10.
And the final thing she will be selling is what she has left of her shirts, which is  $12 a shirt. May go up price wise by shirt size not sure you'll have to see. Also if you bring the kiddies to the table they will get a free small teddy bear and a free autograph. So check out Roxsy and all the wonderful items, she got for sale. Tell her that kernal sent you.

Now let get to Halloween Jack, he will be over at the Monster Channel table. He will be able to tell you about all the wonderful things that is happen with Monster Channel. He will also be selling some wonderful items such as a nice Black and white Godzilla T-shirt for $18.99 and goes up a little bit for bigger sizes. So please go over and see my friend friend jack and all the goodies, he will have at his table.

Rob Dimension is a con veteran. He is a horror host that has been a horror host for a couple of years now. He will be a guest at the convention. Rob will be selling Bootleg DVDs of his old show Late Night at the Horror Hotel for only $5. He will also be selling some different items such as t-shirts, books, and some toys. I hope you will check him out and see what is happening.

My friends over at "Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead" show will be in the vendor room at the con. They are usually in the middle of the main vendor room.  If you can't find them look for some dudes looking ready to hunt down some zombies then you should be in the right place. They will be having a special for  Season 1 vol. 1 &2 for  $ 20. Check them out for a zombie good time.

And finally I will have some flyer's floating around the con for this blog and Creepy Chat. So keep your eyes peel. Also I will be giving out my business card. So I hope you can come and see my friends at the con. See you their, stay creep my friends.

This is here picture for the guest line up on Monster mania Con line-up.

This is the DVD she will have for sale.

This is the logo that will be on her shirt. She will be selling.

Monster Channel Logo.

The Man himself Halloween Jack, who will be hanging out at the Monster Channel table.

The shirt they will hopefully be selling at the Monster Channel table.

My friends over at the Show Zombie Hunter picture. Check them out for all your zombie killing needs lol.

Vol. 1 of season 1 part of the DVD sale at their table.

vol. 2 Season 1 second part of the DVD deal.

My Logo watch out for it.

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