Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Man on the hearse part 2 of 3: Dr. Paul Bearer gains National Notoriety and Celebrates 20 yrs. in the bussiness.

Man on the hearse  part 2of 3: Dr. Paul Bearer gains  National Notoriety and Celebrates 20 yrs. in the bussiness.
By: John Kern

On September 15, 1973, Creature Feature on WTOG-TV channels 44 hosted by Dr. Paul Bearer. And later on some years later on channel 44 aired the show Fright Theater host by him. Dick owned a 1963 Cadillac hearse, which he bought the hearse form TV station for a dollar it’s basically for public appearances and parades. Also on the doors was painted with name of Dr. Paul Bearer as well the logo for the TV station. Dr. Paul could be seen driving around Town. Some fan may or may not know Dick owned two hearses the first one was his favorite and the second one was a 1961. Dick was heavily involved in the community and Dick made frequent appearances as Dr. Paul Bearer at horror fest, carnivals and other local events. Dr. Paul Bearer appeared on the Hee-Haw show. Also he was on the TV’s blooper and a practical jokes show, Dick the man who ran the show asked him to submit a tape of his show. Photos of Dr. Paul Bearer was featured in Famous Monster of Filmland Magazine issue # 144 June 1978.The article was called the lost interview of Dr. Paul Bearer by Ed Tucker, it was published in 1991. Dick gained a Measure of national notoriety as longest-running horror host on television in 1993. A story call Dr. Paul Bearer celebrates 20 years of hearseing around in Scary Monster Magazine in issue #8 September 1993. The mayor of Tampa, Florida, Sandy Freedman Declared October 30, 1993 is Dr. Paul Bearer Day. On that day Dick celebrates 20 years in the horror host business at Busch Gardens Park in Tampa, Florida and he also filmed his 20th anniversary at the park.
To be continued until the third and final part.
As Dr. Paul Bearer would say, “I’ll be lurking for you.”

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