Sunday, June 19, 2011

check out my Spooktecular friends over at the Monster Channel.

 Hi boys and Ghouls,

Just got some wonderful information from the one of the best Ghouls I know Halloween Jack. You maybe wondering what is this Monster Channel you speak of, well the Monster Channel is a nice site that shows different Horror hosts show. The horror host shows that were shown are Roxsy Tyler of Carnival of Horror, wolf man Mac of Chiller Drive-Inn, Court Gregula of Count Gregula Crypt, and many more. Many of the horror host I stated above I have worked with either in doing interviews or just gather research,

Anyway, If you don't have a horror host in your town, this is the place to got to for some classic B-movies and some spooktecular horror host helping you get through those awful movies. The site is the first site that is interactive with a help of a side colum chat room. This side bar chat room is located right next t the movie so you can watch the movie or the host and make comment or view other horror host fans comment. Also you may get lucky on the side bar chat room and be able to talk to a horror host. it is not guaranteed you will hear from one though, it is kind of l like going on safari, you never know if you will see or hear a lion. Another cool thing with the sidebar chat room you can try to be your own horror host during the show. You can be your own Mystery Science Theater 3,000 style horror host.

You may be thinking you got me sold, that has to be all. But like an infro commercial their is more. They have some shows have other shows on their site to give you break from all the horror hosting to make sure your head want exploded from the awesomeness of the hosts or hostess. Just a side not it is not proven that watch excessive amount of horror host or hostess show will make your head explode.Okay now i got the legal part out that done. The shows you can see may be some classic cartoons, clay animation, or a serials(for you kids out their don't know what a serial is, it is a kind of a old T.V. series the movie theater would show. They used do alot of hero shows like Flash Gordon, batman, Superman, and many more. The serial would go until the story line hit a high point and it would end and the person would have to come back to see what happen next week.). The Monster Channel do special such as going to Horror Hound convention this year in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Horror Hound convention do a special tribute to the cool ghoul himself Zachery/Roland all depends how you know him. Monster channel was there to film every moment of it. And it was shown on their site.
The site also shows the wonderful show called Zombie Hunters every Sunday around 9:00 P.M. If you like the Walking Dead, you may like this show it got  drama, action, and most of all zombie killing.
Please check out the site to see some of these wonderful features. You might just bump into your horrific pal Kernal. Have a spooktacular night and don't let the creatures of the night bite.

Monster Channel Link:

Zombie Hunters Link:

You can find both shows on facebook for all you updates on these wonderful shows.

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