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Happy 97th birthday to Zacherley. Part 3

Zacherley and without the make up John Zacherle 

This part of story will bring us to the what zacherley is currently doing. In the previous part, we left Zacherley in November 4, 1967. "Disc-O-Teen" had ended to due to the quality of UHF TV at the time. The reception was horrible for the show and the fans got tired of trying to watch it every week. . Zacherley would leave New Jersey in order to find another opportunity. And he would find that in New York again in the fall of 1967. He would try to conquer the airwaves by radio. He started by doing a morning guest spot appearance on a progressive radio station called, WNEW-FM. The listener of the show enjoyed it so much that the station offered Zachereley a daily radio show. Also, while working with the station he would still get out and put the make-up and costume on to host Horror movie premiers such as "Green Slime" as Zacherley.

He would continue with WNEW-FM  until the 1970's. Where he would switch to a popular progressive  radio station in New York called, "WPLJ- FM". He would continue his show as a regular show until the Fall of 1970 when he would change it to being a regular radio show to Halloween horror rock show.  He also made some rare guest appearances on some TV shows.  Those shows were "The Mike Douglas Show" (1976) and the "Tom Snyder show" (1978). He would continue his radio show through the 70's until the the beginning of the 80's when he would retired from FM radio. He retired from radio due to the restrictions that came with show. He would continue to do more TV appearance in the 1980's.

It wouldn't be until 1985 that Zacherley would come back to Philadelphia to shoot a one shot special. In the Special he would reprise his Role as Roland on WCAU-TV channel 10. The Special was done with the original set and on the original stage. He would again appear on WCAU-TV channel 10 for a special to celebrate Roland's 30th Anniversary in 1987. He would continue his time in Philadelphia, he would join a fellow horror host in 1988. He would be a guest host on Stella the Maneater from Manyunk's Show "Saturday Night Dead". It was a double feature event. I was able to talk to Stella about the show and her experience working with Zacherley. She had this to say, "Zacherley is a charming, sexy, funny man!! The entire station was excited he was there and my cast was in awe. He was an amazing guest." It was nice to hear from a person that was there and worked with him as another Horror host.

Now lets shift this article to the present. In the 1990's is  where Zacherley would sign with the people at the Chiller production to be the host of their Expo. The convention happens twice a year in New Jersey. At his appearances he does varies of things such as live musical performances, live shows, or screening of his old shows. He also does meet and greets with his fans. He has done every show appearance since he was asked. What he is currently doing is appearing on radio station WXRK. The show he hosts is a Saturday morning nostalgic 1960 show. He is also  will be doing another appearance at the chiller Theater Expo later this month. 

I have left out some out details about Zacherley such as his campaign for president, his record career, and a failed show. All this information will be revealed at another time. 

Roland and Stella on Saturday Night Dead.

Part one from the show when Stella met Roland. Its a fun show to watch.

A special called Zacherley Archive that came out in 1998, which covered some of his career.

Zacherley as a guest on what's My Line? in October 30, 1960.

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