Saturday, November 21, 2015

Joel Hodgson is doing some Kickstarting to bring back the show.

If your a horror host fan, Christmas may have come early for you. Joel Hodgson had made a big announcement that he wants to  bring back Mystery Science Theater 3,0000. And he started a Kickstarter campaign in order to gain enough money for a new season. The main goal is Two million they are hoping to use that in order to make three episodes of the show.  And take those episodes and shop them around to the different networks. The more they get from the Kickstarter campaign the more episodes they can make. (If you look at chart A below it give a break down of the money to episode ratio they can make.)

Some other cool new is that some cast from the original shows will appear in some shape or form on the show. Also new cast members will take over a new host and different voices for the robots I believe plus there will be a new mad scientist to torture the new host and robots. The final item to bring up is there is different rewards that you get for donating money. It varies from being enrolled in Mst3k information club to being in an episode and going to the premier of the first episode as a V.I.P. If you want learn more about the rewards and more about the new show you can click on this link Bring Back MST3K. Also at the link you can donate your money to the cause.

I grew up watching the show and was one of the few introductions I had to a Horror Hosts. There was also Elvira and Joe Bob Briggs in the area I could watch as a kid but MST3K became a main stay in my house. I think it will be great that a new generation will be able to gain that experience as I did. As I am a writing this I know they have met there goal and it is still climbing which is great. So expect three episodes in the future of the show. Below is some pictures and clips to help to explain more of what Joel is planning for the show.

Chart A: The breakdown of the ratio of how much money need and how many shows can be produced for that amount.

The first part of the Introduction to the Kickstarter Campaign with Joel:

The Second part of the Introduction to the Kickstarter Campaign with Joel introducing the new host:

The new host Johna Ray from Nerdist podcast fame.

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