Sunday, August 29, 2010

Horror Returns to late night T.V. in Philly.

Horror Return to late night T.V. in Philly.
By: Shaun Kern

Horror host has not been seen in Philly since the days of Roland, Dr. Shock, and Stella the Man Eater from Manayunk. Eight month ago, two guys and pug came to late night TV with their new Horror host show called Late Night at Horror Hotel. The show is set in an old creep hotel called the Horror Hotel and the two hosts Rob Dimension (Clerk) and John Cannon (hotel Chef) host behind the front desk of the hotel. Also Rob’s little sidekick called Pugly the pug and later in the first season the guys are adding a new character called pigmortise, which is a green zombie pig, who is quick with insults and plays tricks on the guys. There premier episode the boys and Pugly showed was the classic movie called The Night of The living dead. During the show Pugly and Rob decides to starts a telethon to feed the undead. Also Chef John does a segment called Creature Cooking, the segments takes a theme from the movie and connect it with a recipe. The Creature cooking segment recipe for this episode was Coca-cola Pot Roast.

And another great thing these guys do is to review and give free publicity to new independent films on their show. In final part of the show Rob gives the results from the Telethon to John and you learn that they only raised thirteen cents for the undead. You can pick this episode up to episode four of the first season and you can pick that up on their site at their site, you can see reviews done by them, public appearance dates, and so much more. If you live in the Philly area, you can check out their show every Thursday and Saturday at 12:00 PM. You can also check back on the site Spooktecular… History of Horror Hosts, for an interview that will be posted in the up incoming months.Check out the video below of the guys with Pigmortise:

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