Monday, August 9, 2010

Wolfman Mac: The Man Behind the Fur.

Wolfman Mac is a Horror Host of a show called “Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In”, which started in 2007 in. The show has many different ongoing characters such as Wolfman Mac (host),Boney Bob (Wolfman Mac sidekick), Scarlett LeFever (Wolfman Mac’s Girlfriend), and many more Character. You can check out Wolfman Mac and his friends on his website and if you have the RTV network, you can view his show every Saturday at 9 pm.

1. What made you decide to be a horror host?
When I was a kid, I used to watch The Ghoul, Sir Graves Ghastly, and Count Scary where I grew up in the subs of Detroit. I'd send Sir Graves a picture now and then and one day he put one of mine on the air!! THAT, combined with the fact that I LOVE Halloween, those classic monster and sci fi flicks, and pretty much anything spooky, I KNEW as a kid that I wanted to do something like that.

2. What job did you have before you became a horror host?
I was a radio jock doing afternoon drive at JOE FM in Saginaw, MI at the time I really made the decision. There was a guy that worked for the public access channel in Bay City that aired all of those great public domain classics. I told him that he needed to have a host to do wacky stuff. He invited me down and I did skits for a little while just as me.

3. Why do you choose a werewolf to be your character on the show?
As the popularity of the Bay City show grew, I wanted to come up with a character. I sat in a big boy one night with nothing to write on but a bunch of napkins. I thought at first that I'd do the vampire or the scientist thing. But that's all been done. I realized that there were NO werewolves hosting a show other than in the position of being a side kick. So I bought some fake hair and spirit gum and applied the face myself the first time!

4. How did you start the show?
After about six months from when I moved away from the radio station back down to the Detroit area, I started to pitch the idea of having the show on all the public access stations. I put an ad in craigslist and told people if they'd like to hear my idea to come to a restaurant in Warren, MI. I told them in the ad that I had no equipment, no crew, and worst of all, no money. The place was packed! As I started to explain what I wanted to do, I was left with just a few people. A guy named Scott Dunham introduced me to a studio in Warren called Stage 3 and we started the public access version with one camera guy, an editor and me standing in front of a black cloth with spider webs.

5. How long did it take to get your show on T.V.?
I got on public access right away. A few months later, I was on the MyTV network in Detroit. About a year after that I was syndicated on the Retro Television Network and that's where we are now every Saturday at 10pm.

6. What horror host influenced you most to become a horror host? And did you ever get to meet any of those horror hosts? I would say Sir Graves. I just liked his style. I met him many, many times as a kid growing up in Mt. Clemens. I've met Ron Sweed, who was The Ghoul for many years, he's a good cat.

7. So you started out with the show “Nightmare Sinema” in 2006. Then you went to chiller drive-in in 2007. Why the change of the name of the show?
As I began to shop it around, the response I kept getting was that even though my show was family friendly, the station managers were concerned that a program with SIN in the title would keep people away. Agree with it or not, it's what it was. I also wanted a name that would be closer to what we really were; a Drive-In

8. How long does it take to put on your make up for your character?
'bout 45 min.

9. What is hardest part of doing the show?
Hmm...I'd say having the face put on, it's not one bit comfortable until it's all the way on and I'm working in it.

10. Do you get to pick the movies that are shown on the show?
Yep, for now we have to choose public domain. A lot of people are not aware that a lot of the licensed movies cost a TON of money. That's why nobody can do 'em.

11. How do you get in to character? And sometimes is it hard for you get in character?
The character is very much just me. I'm Wolfman Mac, really. What you see is the guy I am, just hairier:)

12. What is the funniest thing that happened on your set?
Oh man, wait till you see the bloopers we have this year, you will pee your pants!!!! So many, too many to list. We have a BLAST on set, we really do.

13. Do you get a lot of fan mail?
And if so, what was the strangest fan mail you received?

Yes, and we're grateful for all of it. I hate it sometimes when I see weeks and weeks later that I've missed an email or something. We love to hear from our viewers. I had a woman ask to get the wolfman 'alone' in a casket. Yep. And no I didn't, HA!

14. What is your favorite all time cheesy movie?
Oh brother, I dig 'em all!!! Uh...let's see....public domain? Plan 9 is sure up there.

15. What do fans have to look forward to in your next season premiering on September 5, 2010?
Our lighting, scripts, camera work, sets, characters, everything is top notch. We're doing something VERY different, we believe. We've raised the bar on our production in many ways, fans will be very pleased. We’ll have some new characters that you can look forward to! I have to say right here, I have the BEST cast and crew you could ever ask for.

16. Do you have any closing remarks to your fans?
Thank you! Seriously, we're grateful for our fans, we really are. We're keeping the show family friendly so you can watch it with your family and help us keep the horror host genre alive for another generation. Keep an eye out for our new comic book coming out soon and Stay Creepy!!!!


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