Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stella and Me Part One

Hi all,

The celebration of Stellatember is in full swing. And I appreciate everything Stella has done for me. This is the first part of how I met Stella and how she gave me that final push to do this blog.

Well it all started in the summer of 2010. I was just getting into learning about horror hosts. And like every summer in July the Blob fest comes oozing into Phoenixvilla Colonial Thearter. It is always a good times B-movie celebrities, street fair, tinfoil hats and of course the blob on the big screen. Well that summer, one of celebrities was this lady call Stella the Maneater from Manyunk. I wasn't sure who she was i asked my family and they told me all about her and how she was a Philly Horror Hostess. We got to Blob Fest and went up stairs of the theater and I turned the corner to this room. Where this women and man sat at the table together. These people were the lovely Stella And her butler Hives.

She was very sweet and kind while I rant and raved about Horror Hosts. She thought it was cool that I knew all trivia about Horror Hosts, I knew. At least I think so, but she did suggest that i should start a blog with all my information I have about horror hosts. So a month later, I started account herr and the blog took with a Interview with the man, well wolf man that is Wolfman Mac.  The Wolfman Mac story is for Another time.

Well that's how I met Stella the Queen of Horror in Philly. So to you readers out their, Do you think Ill every see Stella again, Do I every get to tell her about the blog, Do I ever get to tell her about Stellatember. Check back next week, The same Spooktacular Blog, same Spooky time. Until next time stay creepy my friends.