Friday, September 16, 2011

Stella and Me Part 2

Well let the party continue for Stellatember. I left you at how I met Stella and how she suggested to me about doing blog about horror hosts in Part 1. Part one ended in July of 2010, if we can fast forward to March of 2011. Where I went  to Monster Mania con in Cherry Hill, NJ. 

So it was the first night at convention on Friday. The first sight that hinted Stella was in the building was that I seen her wonderful faithful Butler Hives. I got a couple minutes to talk to him about how he was doing and how my blog was doing. He seemed very excited about meeting again. Latter that day when the guest rooms open. I got to see the  lovely Stella sitting at her table with her butler Hives. Since the last time I seen her, she was only signing autographs. Now on her table it looked like Stella mania exploded on here table. She had t-shirts, mugs, DVD of her show and much more. The DVD is great if you can get it. It is the classic episode when she met the cool ghoul himself Roland/Zacherly.  I was able to tell her what happen with my blog and tell her thank you for giving me that small push to do the blog. I told her how through the blog, I Have met so many great horror hosts and different people who worked within the horror field such as the guys over at the Zombie Hunters:City of the Dead, Living Corpse crew, Potent Pictures and so many more.Throughout Friday we spoke about her show and what I was planning to do for the blog.

The next day on Saturday, I had an important interview with Halloween Jack and Roxsy Tyler. (I wanted to post it last March but it hasn't been working right will be up soon.) Anyway, I got to tell Stella, that I was going to do an interview with these two crazy characters. I wanted to know if she would like to meet some of the newer horror hosts. so after the interview was over I got everyone together and we had ourselves a little horror host reunion. It was Halloween Jack, Roxsy Tyler, Stella and Hives. Later on Rob Dimension stoped in to join the party. It was a great fun and to end the night out Stella and Hives did a live show of her show. The movie was called, "Terror" with Boris Karloff and Jack Nickelson. She did an opening to the movie and that was the end of the show.

On Sunday, I told her that Iwas planning to do Stelltember and dedicate my blog to her on September 28th. We said our goodbyes and went on our ways. I still get to talk to Stella and Hive on facebook. If you are a fan of her and would like to tell her thanks for the years she gave you entertainment on a late night in Philly. You can find her at stelladesire on facebook and also at

Coffe cup you can buy from her site.
This is my store so far with the Philly Queen of Horror. I just want thank her and Hope this Month gives her the honor she deserves the honor every horror host should get from their hometown. If you have a local horror host please give them some praise for what they do it. I salute those that bring those chessy b-movies new life. Thank-You Stella an all the other people that help make my blog the best it can. Check back next week for Stella's biography and the week after the dedication and a small Q and A.

The two Horror Queens of Philly Roxsy Tyler and Stella.
Hives and Stella hanging out at the con.
Picture was taken by Roxsy Tyler.
Alll the cool Kids plus Rob Dimension.
Roxsy tyler had to go to work her stand sadly.

Stella and Hives doing the live show at the con.

All the cool Kids from Monster mania con 2011.
On the left Hives, Roxsy Tyler,Stella, and Halloween jack out of make -up.