Monday, October 31, 2011

Mod Ghoul: Ghouling Around Horror Hosting.

I met Mod Ghoul a couple years ago on facebook. He is one of the Horror Hosts, who always recharges my passion to work with Horror Host. He really cares about being a horror Host. Horror Hosing is something he always wanted to do and he was able to do it. He is like Vince Papale, who played for the back in 1976. He had a dream to play for the Eagles went out open try outs. He won a spot and that was history. That is another blog and another story lets get back to this interview. Mod Ghoul has been a Horror Host fan for years and he finally got a chance and he seems to be doing great at it. He has many fans and his show is doing great. He has taken the role of being a Horror Host and ran with it. You can watch him and his co host Ghastle A. Ghoul on Weird Web Theater. I wish him and his show the best and can''t wait to see what he comes out with next. If you want learn more about him read the interview i did with him last month.

Whats Vince Papale doing here?
Have I lost it ?

1. Why did you pick the name Mod Ghoul?

Well. I took it from The Mad Ghoul with George Zucco but I am a huge fan of the Who so I changed Mad to Mod. So basically the character is a kind of Quadraphonic meets Dracula. Just combining two of my favorite thing, Horror and the who.

2. How did you choose the costume?

I was going for the look of a Mod from the sixties. I had a t shirt with a Mod target on it so I got a porkpie hat which was popular with the Mod kids in Britain and a leather jacket. So the clothes are Mod and the face paint is the ghoul

3. Why did you become a horror host?

It was something I have always wanted to do since I was a kid. I grew up watching Uncle Teds Ghoul School and thought that would be the coolest job to have. Kept it in the back of my mind. Then I formed Tingler TV on Facebook and started to get to know other horror hosts from around the country. I saw an opportunity to make a dream come true so I jumped at the chance.

4. Did you get help from anyone in the begin of making your show?

Yes. I did. Daelynn Farrell helped me out immensely getting the ball rolling. I was staying with her at the time. She had the equipment I needed and she was a great help to me.

5. Do you film in a studio?

No. I started out filming in Daelynn's garage and now I film in my apartment. This is extremely low budget.

6. How did you get too started with working with ghastlee ghoul?

I met Ghastlee through my group Tingler TV. We just started chatting and came up with the idea for Weird Web Theater. I had the idea to do a show using You Tube and the full length movies they have there and the group on Facebook. Ghastlee really liked that idea. He came up with the name and we just started doing the show. We clicked right away and became great friends.

7. Since you have became a horror host how does it feel to do it?

It feels incredible. Such a feeling of accomplishment I have. I have created something that people want to see and that feels wonderful.

8. Who is your favorite horror host?

Hard to say. All the hosts are so great with what they do. Ghastlee of course. He is a riot and a great friend. Bone Jangler, Penny Dreadful, Roxsy Tyler, Miss Gory Rae, Zomboo. I guess I would just have to say all the hosts.

9. did you have any inspiration from anyone in doing your show

My real inspiration comes from the late great Uncle Ted. Ted Raub. He was the only horror host in Northeastern Pennsylvania and I loved his show. I wanted to be him. I honor his memory in doing my show.

10. Have you done any conventions yet?

Not yet. Well not as The Mod Ghoul. I did work at the National Haunters Convention in Valley Forge Pa this past May. That was the first con I was ever at. I am looking forward to being involved in a con.

11. Is this your first interview?

Yes it is.

12. Is your show on TV or mainly on the internet?

Just the internet, So far anyway. I want to talk to a local TV station to see if they would want to pick it up.

13. What are you hopping to happen in the future with you show?

Just to keep doing it and get more viewers. Big things could happen with The Monster Channel and I would like to be part of that.

14. Will you be doing more crossovers with other horror hosts in the future?

I would love to. I am actually getting other hosts involved in a promo for my show. I would jump at the chance to work with other hosts

15. What is your favorite b-movie?

I would have to say Plan 9 From Outer Space. That is the Citizen Kane of B movies.    

16. What was your favorite movie you showed yet on your show?
Mod ghoul and his partner in crime Ghastlee Ghoul.

Well I've only done about three episodes of Fright Club and several Weird Web Theaters. Out of both I would say Bride of the Monster. Not only is that one of my favorite movies but that was the best show we've done. Ghastlee and I hosted that one together.

17. What do you think the meaning of a horror host to you?

A guide and friend to lead you thru whatever nightmare they present.

18. Have you faced any difficulties in starting out?

Just figuring stuff out and getting things together but I got everything worked out.

19. Do you have any advice for new comer to the horror host world?

If you have the desire to do it then go for it.

20. Do you have any final words to your fans?

Thanks for watching and Cheers mates

Here is some of my favorite segments from Mod's shows: