Saturday, November 12, 2011

Horrific Reveiws: Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors

" A Leech Named Bassant"

The DVD entitled "A Leech Named Basssant" is Roxy's first DVD from her T.V. show. This episode revolves around the classic B-Movie " The Attack of the Giant Leeches." Before we move on to the review lets get some background information on "The Attack of the Giant Leeches."  The Attack of the Giant Leeches came out in 1959. The plot Intel's a Moon shiner named Lem Swayer, who claims he see these giant leeches. The town doesn't believe him they think he may be dipping into his own stuff and dismisses his wild rantings about the giant Leeches. It takes a few people to disappear in order for the town people to believe  Lem. Of course they find a way at the ending to kill those horrible blood suckers. The movie runs for a horrible 62 Minutes, So make sure you have a barf bag with you or youll miss the good parts of the movie in the bathroom.

Now lets get back to were we started reveiwing this episode. The Episode is all about how Roxsy is conducting a blood drive at her carnivals of horror.  Johhhny 13 and Roxsy during the epsiode are just trying to get blood donnors but is it really going for a good cause. When they final do get a victim, I mean volunteer to give blood it is the one and only Mr. Potent. They take him i the bacl and all you hear is some weird creature noise comming from off stage. What could that noise be? And what can go for Roxsy and Her side kick Johhny 13. Well lets just say some one reported the blood drive to the health inspector and he is looking to make sure the blood drive is on the up and up. So as the health inspector inspects the blood drive. Roxsy and Johhny 13 tries ti hide what is really happenning at the blood drive. If you want to know what happens youll just have to buy the episode. 

Roxsy and the Health inspector
And that not the only thing on the DVD besides the episode their is a blooper reel that makes your laugh so hard you may just pee your pants. There is also a music video entitled, "Demon Feeder". Mr. Potent performs the song and mad the music video. You may wonder whats this has to do with Roxsy. Well Roxsy can be seen through out the music video running around doing her thing. This is one of roxsy's favorite epsiode and it has quickly became mine.  The great part about this dvd it is at the value prive of $5.99. So check it out and see what everyone is screaming

Johhny 13, roxsy, and Mr. potent hanging out in a scence.