Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy 97th birthday to Zacherley. Part 2

The cool Ghoul

Let’s pick up the Zacherley’s story after Shock Theater signed off for the last time in Philadelphia. A lot of Changes would happen before Zacherley would reappear on TV. He had to change his name from Roland to Zacherley move the show to a new station, and also a new city. There are different stories why Zachary left creative differences with the station and who own the rights of the character (rumored). Zacherley would move from the city of Brotherly Love to the Big Apple. 

The Show would have a lot of changes, but it kept the same name, "Shock Theater". The show Premiered on WABC-TV channel 7 on September 22, 1958. The show would continue on until March 27, 1959. After it went off the air again, the show would be changed even more. It would go to a live show format instead of being taped.  Another change would be the name of  the show. The new series was called "Zacherley at Large". The show premiered on WABC-TV Channel 7 on April 3, 1959. The show would continue on until June 20, 1959. A common theme in this phase of  Zacherley's career is change. And as it goes, his show was changed again. The name of the show became "The Zacherley Show". The show went back to being taped and it changed stations to WOR-TV channel 9. The show premiered on October 9, 1959 and would continue until December 19, 1960.

Once the Zacherley Show ended, Zacherley would shift gears from hosting horror movies to hosting
a child’s programming. The shows names were "The Mighty Hercules Cartoon Show" and "The Three Stooges Show” .The shows premiered in 1963 and 1964.After the switch to cartoon sand Three Stooges shorts, he would ultimately return to horror hosting. The new show he hosted would be called, "Chiller Theater". It would premiere on WPIX-TV channel 11 on February 1, 1964. The show would end somewhere in spring of 1965. Again, Zacherley would take a break from horror hosting and join the fad of hosting a live dance show for teens. This was the first show he would host in New Jersey, thus ending his era in New York. The show was called, "Disc-O-Teens", and it aired on UHF WNJU-TV channel 27. The show premiered in May of 1965 and ended on November 4, 1967. This is the last time he would be seen on TV hosting wise.

Check back later this week for the final part of Zacherley's career so far. The final part will take us back to Philadelphia where he would celebrate an anniversary, meet a Man-Eater, and become a special guest at a large convention. Check back soon and stay spooky everyone.

Advertisements of his shows:

An advertisement for Shock Theater around 1957 or 1958

An advertisement for Chiller theater either from 1964 or 1965. 
An advertisement for Zacherley Show from 1959 possibly

A DVD cover for Disco-O-Teen TV show.

Clips and full shows:

Chiller Theater Opening from either 1964 or 1965

Disco-O-Teen Halloween Special 1967

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