Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dr. Lucifer (A possible Future Project.)

A Nashville Gentleman Dr. Lucifer

I believe it was two years ago, I bought the "American Scary" documentary that came out in 2006. The documentary was an in-depth look at horror hosts across the United States. The documentary created a simple time line mapping out each horror host historic runs. 

On this documentary they showed a clip that really stood out to me. He was the first Horror Host of Nashville. The name of the host was Dr. Lucifer. He was just a suave Transylvania gentleman that would host a weekly show at night. What information I have gather so far. Dr. Lucifer was a suave Transylvanian gentleman with a deep baritone voice, an extravagant tuxedo with tails, a beguiling eye patch, and a long cigarette holder that he would puff on during his monologues and the movie breaks.

I am hoping I will be able to learn more about him. I've been putting this project off for a while because I want to make sure I get every detail about him and respect his legacy. So far in my research, the only footage I've been able to find is from the documentary. The clip is only a couple minutes long, but it makes you wish for more. 

Check out the clip below and tell me what you think of this mystery man. Also, tell me if you would like to read more about him and the "American Scary" documentary. Stay spooky everyone.

 The clip from "American Scary" about Dr. Lucifer and other Nashville's horror hosts:

 “Good night…and pleasant dreams!” was Dr. Lucifer's closing of his show

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