Sunday, October 25, 2015

October Netflix Monthly Horror Pick: Grabbers

Grabbers (2012)
This months horror pick is a fun monster movie. I would say its quirky and exciting like the Tremor movies but with a Irish twist. The basic story is a drunk cop and his new partner, who live off the coast of Ireland must figure out the cases of missing people on the island. What the case leads them to is tentacle aliens, weird scientist, drinking, and a crazy party.

The main cast is made up of British and Irish actors. Some of the cast members are Richard Coyle (Coupling), Ruth Bradley (Primeval US), Russel Trovey (Almost Human UK, Sherlock), David Pearse (Viking) and many more. Each of these actors as seen above has played in some popular action and Scifi shows in Brittan and the United States.

This movie is definitely not for younger kids like the last movie was. I enjoyed this film and believe it is worth a watch if you like monster movies and drunk shenanigans. Grab some beers and enjoy.
The townspeople ready for a fight. 

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