Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spooktacular Horror Show

I recently had a reader message me with the new contact feature on the blog. I put it on just in case someone wanted to contact me about the blog or if they had questions about a horror host. So I thought I would share the information on here because it was really interesting what I learn. He wanted to know about an old horror show called "Spooktacular" that was shown in the St. Louis area in the 50's. I was very intrigued to learn more about this show. I took to the internet and talked to some of my contacts to figure out more about the show. I was able to find some answers for him and send it off. This is what i was able to learn about the show. 

The show used to play on channel 2 on KTVI. Which is the ABC affiliated in St. Louise, MO.  In the 50's with the release of the Universal Monsters movies to T.V. stations to put on late nights. There was two shows that was put out at that time that was a late night horror show.
The first one was called, "Spook Spectacular" or "Spooktacular". I am not sure what year they shorten the title. Saturday at 9:30 it would play. I believe this was switched from the original airing time. The show was voiced over by eerie voice that would say limericks, jokes, and other things before and after commercial breaks. The other show that was "Chiller Theater".  Which was another show that showed horror movies and would air around 11:30 P.M, after "Spooktacular". So this show that a horror host is not always on camera and that if you want so information on something horror host related. I will find a way to get it for you.

An advertisement for the show.


Anonymous said...

I use to watch this with my three older Brothers with blankets wrapped around us because we were scared! Thank you for the memory!

Anonymous said...

Any idea who the voice of the host, the Lonesome Ghoul, was?

Ricky Julius said...

I remember this as "Spook Spectacular" from my childhood living in Madison Illinois. Not sure about the timeline except I know it would have been from 1958-1960

Norman Taylor said...

I remember it well from my childhood in East St Louis. Scary intro, creepy narrative, old abandoned house, wind blowing through trees....all black and white. Saw original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" here and God knows what else.