Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Throwback Thursday Horror Host Clip of week

Crazy to see how young Joel is and the early look of the robots.

The Horror Host community is a buzz with Joel's mission to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3,000 for new season. Who wouldn't want see those wise cracking funny man and robots sitting in the front saying what we all wish we could say. I always enjoyed the format of there show. And checking out Joel's kick start campaign last it looked like they were way on their way to the goal amount. This weeks clip will take you all the way to the start of Mystery Science Theater 3,000. Before it was on major nation television stations. It home was on small station called KTMA in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Joel built the Robots and the set over night with things he had laying around. The show premiered on November 24, 1988. The show would run it's course until it would be canceled due to financial restraints at the station. But the show would be picked up by Comedy Central and the rest is history. Which will be looked at another time. Below is the clip of the first show opening intro of the original show. Check out the clip below and be amazed how much the show had evolved once it was national syndicated.

Bonus clip some clips from the original show pilot:

Joel hosts the Green Slime with the robots.

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