Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November Netflix Monthly Horror Pick: Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

This months pick is a funny comedy/ horror movie. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a movie that is all about misunderstanding and judging a book by its cover. Tucker and Dale are two blue blood Americans that buy a cabin to be their new vacation home in a remote section of the woods. On there
 journey to their vacation home they bump into a bunch of preppy college kids. Who see them as creepy hillbillies. Through out the movie as Dale and Tucker are fixing up their vacation home the college kids keep on bumping into them. As every horror movie goes the college kids starts dying one by one and who to blame of course the hillbillies Tucker and Dale. This movie got mix-ups, random killings, crazy mountain men, and so much more. I enjoy this one, it really made me laugh. Hopefully you will enjoy it to. Tell me in the comment what you think in the comments below. stay spooky, my friends.

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