Monday, July 25, 2016

MST3K has found its home.

As you now as of last year, Joel Hodgson the original series creator of Mystery Science Theater 3,000 has been working towards bring show back with a new cast and a new season. He started a Kickstarter program in November of last year to get 5.5 million in order to gain funding for twelve episodes. At the end of the campaign they were able to get close to 5 million dollars. They are currently selling different types of merchandises in order to gain the rest of the money. Everything seems to be in place with funding almost all there, new cast set, and writers. The only piece of the puzzle missing was where the show will be broadcasted. Would it be syndicated with a big television channel such as Comedy Central or SYFY as it was before?

The answer was recently reveled this pass weekend at San Diego Comic Con by Joel Hodgson that the new season of the show would be put on through Netflix. It seems like they decided to follow the trend that many other horror hosts has done by going through a streaming service. You will be able to get it in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Now new yet on when the season will start but Netflix has already starting to put out promos for it. It was a short promo basically stating that the show was coming soon.  I am sure more news will be coming soon.

Currently for the merchandise sale for MST3K to get the final funding is currently just take is below:

MST3K Merchandise campaign

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