Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The cool Ghoul Needs your support.

Today I recently received some disheartening news from a friend within the horror host community. It was told to me that Zacherley / Roland was recently hospitalize. Zacherley is a legend and a forefather within the community. He will be turning 98 next Monday. The community and this blog is asking that you send him some positive thoughts and prayers during this time to him and his family. This man is inspiration to many with in the community. I know he has become an inspiration to me. He had taken a character that was thrown in his lap and shaped it to the iconic status it is today. He still dresses in costume, sign autographs, and perform on stage. Which is amazing to see at his age. Here is hoping he has a speedy recover.Update he is doing much better as of September 26 and he was only having digestive issues.

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