Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September News Update

A lot of interesting stuff is going on. some interesting news going on this week with in horror host and horror movie community. Some good and sadly some bad.

Let's start with the horror host news.

First of all there is some sad news one of the legends withing the horror host community was hospitalize. Zacherley was hospitalize last week for some unknown reason. Many were worried and hoping with baited breath he would be okay. At the end of last week we were able to gain an update through his webpage that stated he was having some digestive issues. He was quoted on saying about his hospitalization that "I went out for some seafood, and i think the Kraken I ate was a little under cooked." So it looks like this bad news ended with some good news.

Also in Zacherley news on Monday September 26th, he celebrated his 98th birthday. Which is a great landmark in someones life. It also wonderful to see him being active as his character all these years. Here on this blog I would like to thank him for all his years as his character and giving back to his fans at conventions and other appearances. And Happy Birthday to the cool ghoul.

An update it was stated on his website that the Zacherley is still good health wise and is recovering nicely. He was also thrill to hear that many groups helped celebrate his birthday this Monday and thanked them.

Happy Birthday cool ghoul
Some other exciting is that on the Mystery Science Theater 3,000 crew announced that they are currently in production of the new show. It is exciting to have seen the project start with the crowd funding and their finding of a new home on Netflix. It will be interesting to see the final product. Check back for more new information on this developing story. 

Production photo

Lets go on to some fun Elvira news. She had an interview at San Diego Comic Con this year, where she was talking about possibly hanging up the Elvira garb and moving on. But as she stated before. " I said I was going have my last comic con appearance in my 40's and 50's and now my 60's." She also stated that, " I do have to draw the line I'm turning 65 this September, I'm trying to keep it together. I'm not sure how many years I can keep this working out." She goes on to basically state that she hates to put an expiration date on women and there bodies but there will be a time that she just won't be able to pull off the costume as good as she use to. All the information above came from a LA Weekly article entitled, " Why This Might be Elivra's Last Comic Con (as Elvira). Which was written by Katie Buenekke on July 23, 2016. I will have a link to the article on the bottom of this write up. I am hoping she can do it as long as she wants. It seems like she enjoys the character as much as Zacherley does.

A photo from the interview with her new book. all rights goes to photographer.

As stated in the caption above under the photo. She will be coming out with a new book in October of 2016. The book will be filled with over 350 picture that never been seen before. It also contain original commentary from Cassandra Peterson (Elvira). It is a 240 page book and hardback. The retail price is $44.95 and you can also get a signed edition for $89.95. I think it will be interesting book to look at. So far it looks like you can only pre-order from her site. The link to pre-order will be below.
Elvira's book pre-order 

Final bit of news about Elvira is that she be immortalized in those fun Pop! Vinyl. Looks like the pricing varies where you buy it Amazon has it for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. I am sure this would be something food for any horror fan collection. 

In the next news update there will be some new Elvira news with some developing stories. 

And the final bit of news comes from the horror movie community. first bit of news is that Herschel Gordon Lewis the godfather of gore passed away on Monday 9/26/16. He made many movies that made us hide in fear and nausea from the gore. Some of the movies he made was Wizard of Gore, Two Thousand Maniacs!, Blood Feast and many more. R.I.P to the godfather of gore and hope his movie legacy will continue for centuries to come with his classics. 

Herschel Gordon Lewis in all his glory.

Lets end this News update on a fun little celebrity beef in the horror movie community between some big time directors over a classic film that they both made. The two directors are John Carpenter and Rob Zombie. It was announced that one of the original masterminds of Halloween would be coming back to the series that he started. And not much more has been heard about the project. But he will be taking the reigns of the series back from Rob Zombie. In a recent interview John Carpenter had a few select words about Rob Zombie. When Rob took over the series and rebooted it in a way giving it a more of a back story of Micheal Myers. Rob came to John for his blessing to make the movie and some advice for the film. In the article John states that, "Rob Zombie lied about me. He said that I was very cold to him when he me that he was going to make Halloween." John Carpenter also stated that, " Nothing could be further from the truth. I said, 'make it your own movie, man. This is yours now. Don't worry about me.' I was incredibly supportive. " I am not sure what is going to happen this interview was recently done by the student of New York Film Academy and written in a article entitled "John Carpenter Finally Comments on Rob Zombie's Halloween" by John Squires for Ihorror.com. I think this is an interesting situation and not sure if Rob will answer back to this comment. Will this situation become a Team John Carpenter vs. Team Rob Zombie. 

I am not sure I think both were interesting movies. I enjoyed the classic Halloween and what it did for the slasher genre. One of my favorite slasher films. The first one and second one was a great bookend movies to the first part of the series. And Rob's remastering of the series was interesting because it brought some realism to the series and brings Micheal back to his face of fear status. The only thing I didn't like his version was the back story of Micheal. I think it takes away from who Micheal is a mysterious killing machine. Either is good in its own way. The link to the main article will be linked below. How do you feel about this Situation. 


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