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October News updates week 1

Well the brisk air has come and the leafs are falling. That means for sure that fall is here. Also October is official upon with horror movies all over TV and pumpkin spice everything. Last week, was mix of interesting news from both the horror host and horror community. 

This week in horror host new, Elvira is again in headlines. Last week we reported that a possible retirement could be happening but it looks like that is not true at all. She has been keeping herself super busy. As of last weekend she did another appearance on the Food Network as a guest judge for the Show "Halloween Wars." The show is an interesting competition that mixes sugar work, pumpkins, and cakes. Each week the teams has to make a piece to fit a certain horrific theme.  

promo picture of her and other judges. All right to photographer
If you need more proof of her not slowing down anytime soon. You don't have to look any further than her doing a stage show at KNOTT'S Berry Farm again. The show is part of KNOTT'S Scary Farm attraction. The Attraction runs from September 22 - October 31. The Show she is performing in is entitled, "Elvira's Danse Macabre. "  The show consist of a Masquerade ball that she is hosting and you get to be her guest. The show is a triple threat with dancing, comedy, and music. The show happens twice an night at 9:00pm and 11:30pm. KNOTT'S Berry Farm also added a Boo-tique in Elvira's honor. The boo-tique will sell different Elvira merchandise. The plus is if you make a fifty dollar purchase in the boo-tique before ten, you get a chance to meet the Mistress of the Dark herself and get a sign autograph on one of your purchased items. I've seen some reviews of the show and it looks like it is fun time and a hit.

Promo Material for her at the attraction.

Promo for the show:
Video of the show from the fourth row taken by a fan:

Link below about the show:                                                                                         
Elvira's danse Macabre show information

We go from one legend in the horror host community to another. Joe Bob Briggs a lovable cowboy that gives you some colorful commentary about his favorite movies. He may have been off the small screen since early 2000's but he is still remembered to this day. He was syndicated nationally just as Elvira and Mystery Science Theater 3.000 was. Just last week it was announced that one of the best horror shirt company Fright Rags was going to release some Joe Bob Briggs shirts, limited sign posters, and an enamel pin. Most of the shirts and posters was sold out in the first 30-minutes. If you would like to order one of the items you can be put on a reprint request. The shirts goes for $27.00 and may have a price variation with larger sizes. The signed posters are $30.00 and enamel pin is $12.00. Looks like in the two shirt styles there are still a small amount left in different sizes. Below is an image of the items and a link to the Fright Rags site for ordering.

Below is a link to Fright Rags:
Fright Rags

In other Joe Bob Briggs news, on October the 16th he will be hosting Texas Chainsaw Massacre two in Yonker, NY at the Alamo Drafthouse. The show will be starting at 9 pm and the tickets will be $12.00 each. The Screening is being done to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie. It should be a fun time with a  spicy host with a gore-tastic chili fueled chainsaw wielding movie.

Below is a link to the event and to purchase tickets:
Joe Bob Briggs Texas Chainsaw Massacre two

If you need another live hosting fun event than why not check out Fritz the Night Owl hosting a double feature on October 14th at Grandview Theater / Drafthouse in Grandview Heights, OH. The double feature is Halloween and Trick or Treat. Both some great films for this time of year. Really get you into the holiday spirit. Both have a misunderstood silent masked killers and will be hosted by a hootastic host. Standard tickets are only $15.00 and Deluxe tickets are $30.00. All the fun starts at 9:30 pm.

Poster for the event
Link to Fritz's event schedule:

And if that doesn't wet your appetite for watching live horror hosting than you can always check out Count Gore De Vol hosting a double feature at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, MD on October 29. The double feature will be The Thing from Another World and The Thing. It's going be an out of this world double feature of the things. Both features have aliens who crashed in snowy backdrop with a group of people fighting their for lives one group against an alien vegetable and the other a shape shifting alien. One may be a remake of the other but there are some interesting differences. I am sure the Count will spice it up even more. General Admission is $13.00 and starts at 5:00 pm. 

 Link to buy tickets for the event:

Count Gore De Vol's promo for the event:


One final piece of Horror Host news is that  Bone Jangler, one magical cool cat with his sun glasses and top hat has been hosting for 15 yrs. He started back on September 29, 2001and still does his great show to this day. When the blog just started out he was a participant in one of our large holiday interviews. It was appreciated when he did that back than. I would just like to congratulate on continue to bring us a great show and breathing life in those old classics for 15 yrs.Thank you and I am looking forward to see where you will take us next.
congrats again. All rights goes to photographer.
Those are this weeks horror host news. Check back soon for more horror host news soon.

Now for some random horror news.

Last week, we reported about a feud that seemed to have risen between the original Halloween director John Carpenter and remake director Rob Zombie. A quick recap of the feud was that John felt disrespected and smeared by what Rob zombie has said about what his level of support was for him to take his own direction of the franchise. It seemed like it wasn't going to be a civil situation. But after we reported it here there was article released by that Rob and John talked it out and the feud was over. How this information was obtained was by a tweet that john wrote on September 27, 2016.  He simply wrote in the tweet that, "To everyone fascinated with the JC/RZ feud, old news. We spoke Sunday, we buried the hatchet. Let's move on."
It seems like it was situated calmly which is cool to see. Many of these celebrity feuds don't usually end like this. We will see what will happen now that John Carpenter is now going to be working on the next installment of the franchise. Not much information on it. But I am sure he will bring it back to the Micheal being a supernatural killing machine. That is nothing against Rob Zombie version. I did enjoy the realism of his film. Especially with the second one with all the stuff Lori was put through in the first movie that she would be really messed up in the second one. I am looking forward to see what both of them will be doing in their future projects.

The hatchet has been buried.

Purge: Election Year was just released this week on DVD.  I didn't see the latest installment but I did enjoy the other two especially the second one. I thought it was interesting that the first one was more closed off to the outside and how it effect a small neighborhood. Than in the second one it just hit on a large scale showing the purge encompassing the whole city. The Third one seems to ramp it up even more on a national level. It also talks more about the government behind the purge. Now it looks like the purge may be moving to the small screen. Many news sources has been reporting that Purge is in fact in the early stages of development.
James DeMonaco Writer/Director/creator of the Purge franchise sat down with CinemaBlend to talk about the release of Purge: Election Year and during the conversation he broke news about doing a TV show. In the interview, he stated, "The idea of why I like the idea of a maybe 10 hour TV on this, the one thing you really can't do on the film is, just because mere real estate and time, is you can't get into the nuance and complexity that would drive someone to commit terrible act on this night." I think this is an interesting concept and could go on for a couple of season with multiple different story lines possible. I would definitely check this out if they do. Be interesting to see what leads a person become a participant in the purge could it be for revenge, psychological issues, or just plain old fashion fun?

This last bit of horror news also started with a tweet. The tweet came from Don Mancini the writer and one of the directors in the Child's Play franchise. Last February, it was reported that Don was working on Child's Play seven and it would include Chucky's  number one women/ doll Tiffany ( Jenifer Tilly) . There was no update about the movie until recent on September 30. When he tweeted that he was story boarding scenes and posted a picture with the tweet. Which will be posted below. If he is hinting at story boarding does that mean he has a script already?  It has lead to more questions than answers. But it sure to hype fans and push excitment for the next film to be released. I am looking forward to see the next one. The Curse of Chucky the last one of the franchise was good and brought terror back to the character. I just hope they change Chucky back to his old look. I thought they were kind of off in the last one since they moved more away from practical effects and more of a CGI approach. Want more information check out the original article link below.

The Photo Attached to the tweet.

Check back next time for more horror news.

*Disclaimer I am not sponsored by any sites or stores that are talked about in this article. Just thought it was interesting information and would share it with the reader.

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