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October week 2 News Update

Well the second week of October has come. It has even gotten colder out and more leafs are falling. It looks like fall is in full swing. Last week was bustling with horror host and horror news. This week your just going have to see what I got for you.

Horror host news:

First item of horror host new is that the New season of Mystery Science Theater 3,000  has wrapped with principle photography. It was announced by Joel Hodgson on October 9th that principle photography had ended on his twitter page. His exact words was, "we raped principle photography this week for the next MST3K -It went beautifully, thanks to cast, crew, and backers." So this is some exciting news the show is moving on smoothly. Hoping we will be able to get to see some footage soon.

In other MST3K news, This week was Micheal J. Nelson birthday. Just wanted to tell him Happy birthday and thanks for all the fun he had given us from all his shows.

YouTube #1 Animated Horror Host show Screaming Soup is having their third season finale on October 20 on their YouTube channel. The final is going to revolve around a Halloween party that the main Character Deadwest's archenenemy/ horror host Buzzkill is throwing. Deadwest and his gang is going to crash the Party in order to stop Buzzkill and his monsters. Also to get his table back from Buzzkill. I am looking forward to it. I think it is going to be a monstrous good time. you can check out the final preview below and a link to their site plus their YouTube channel.

Final Season 3 Preview:

Screaming Soup YouTube channel

Screaming Soup Webpage

Let's move on to some dreadful news in a good way. Penny Dreadful has come back for some Halloween fun. She just finished filming her Halloween special last Saturday on October 8. The Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers 2016 Halloween Special will be available exclusively on Vimeo. It will be official released at the end of the month. It should be hex of a good time.

Photo from the special. Pics by Eric parks.
Also she is doing a fun costume contest on Facebook. They are holding a Shilling Shockers' costume contest. The guidelines that she posted on Facebook will be listed below.

  1. Dress up as Penny Dreadful, Garou, Dr. Manfred Von Bulow, Luna or any "regular" who've appeared 'Shilling Shockers' -Nicholas Dreadful, Chupee, Crabtop, S.T.A.K.E.S, members, etc. 
  2. Post a pictures at the official Penny Dreadful's Shilling shocker page or her personal Facebook page. 
  3. They'll pick First, Second, and Third place winners and announced them on her Facebook page. 
* First Place Prizes: A 'Shilling Shockers' full DVD season box set of your choice (seven episodes with movies), a Penny Dreadful t-shirt, a signed photo, and a 'Penny Dreadful's Cauldron of Terror comic book

* Second Place Prizes: A 'Shilling Shockers' DVD episode (with movie) and a Penny Dreadful T-shirt.

* Third Place Prizes: Choose Between a 'Shilling Shockers' DVD episode (with movie) or a Penny Dreadful t-shirt.

Deadline for entries is  Tuesday November 1st.

Who will you dress up as?
This next bit of news is a special preview for a New horror host and his show. The horror host name is Slash. Slash wrote a brief Synopsis of what his show is about. He said, "Slash is a crazy wolf-man who loves horror and fright! Along with his pals Bones, Hoot, Poe, bats, and Dooey the spider. Those characters make up the show "Graveyard Tales". Anything can happen I like to think it's a cross between "Tales from the Crypt" and "Pee Wee's Playhouse". We will be hosting old horror movies and Science Fiction movies." The first Episode will feature "Plan 9 from Outer Space" a Ed Woods classic.

The show is planned to be premiering at the end of the month. You will be able to view it on the Graveyard Tales Facebook page, YouTube and Eerie House streaming site. I seen some of the set pictures and some of the show. It looks great and you can tell he is very passionate about it. I want wish him good luck. Keep an eye out for more information in the upcoming weeks. Below is an link to an interview that he did with Eerie House.

Eerie House Interview

Here is also a link for Eerie House streaming site.

Eerie House Streaming site

Slash and Dooey

That is all for the horror host news this week.

I am a giant Godzilla fan as many of you may know from all the posts on Facebook and posts on the blog. This week marks the return of the Toho company to their lovable radioactive monster in America. Between October 11-18th the movie has been released in U.S. and Canada. It is being shown in 114 theaters. The film is being distributed by Funimation Films. The same company that distributed Attack on Titan live action movie in America.

The directors of the film is Hideaki  Anno (creator of "Evangelion) and Shinji Higuchi (the director of the live action Attack on Titan). This film is the 29th Godzilla film that Toho has made. It is historic that this movie continues their 62 year old history of this iconic monster. I am looking forward to this it seems like tickets are being sold out quickly. Get them while you can.

American Poster
Trailer for the Movie:

Next two stories both have a little Freddy Krueger in them. Robert Englund has really embraced the character of  Freddy over the years.

Last weekend, Robert England was in Florida for the Spooky Empire horror convention. Sadly Hurricane Mathew hit the area and the convention was canceled due to safety concerns. But before the convention "Florida Today" conducted an interview with Robert Englund.

In the interview, Robert brought up a concept of what he would like to do if he made his own Nightmare on Elm Street. This is what he said in the interview about the concept, " If I was in control of my own Nightmare on Elm Street movie I have an idea I would like to see. I thought it would it would be great if the children of the previous victims, or just kids who grew up hearing about stories of Freddy, were each haunted by their own version of Freddy. Kids grew up hearing stories about this Freddy Krueger guy and the awful things he did envision him in their own way, and that is the version that begins to haunt them."

I think this sounds like an interesting concept. There could be multiple forms of Freddy in the movie. Each person has their own idea of what is scary to them. I would like to see this. Would you? I am posting the full interview below for you to read if you want.

The article from Florida today:
Dream Interview with Freddy Krueger Interview                

This next story is about the ultimate slasher horror icon crossover that never happen and why it never happen by one of the possible stars. In 2003, one of the ultimate slasher crossovers happen. Freddy vs. Jason. This was fans ultimate dream ever since the ending of "Jason Goes to Hell" and Freddy's glove came out of the ground to grab Jason's mask. When fans finally did get the ultimate death match between the two, it came with mix reviews. There was some issues with the film such as the story, missing of Kane Hodder behind the mask, and not enough slasher action. That is my personal opinion.

After the movie came out with some semi success. Many names were thrown out for who would be the next horror icon to join these two. One of those names was Ash from the evil dead series. There was even a script written for movie. But nothing happen movie wise but the script was made into a comic book and even spawned a sequel. It was an interesting concept and seemed like it would have worked.

In the Interview they asked Bruce, "Aside from Freddy and Jason, were any other crossovers ever discussed? Always thought Evil Dead/Hellraiser would be good." Bruce answered to the question was, " I'll be honest with you. I'm not real interested in a crossovers. One of the main reason why 'Ash vs. Freddy vs. Jason' did not come to pass is because we couldn't control any other characters than Ash. That felt like a creatively bankrupt way to go. Not to mention, your splitting the proceeds three ways with partners you may not want."  

I believe that makes perfect sense for reason of it not being made. Sam Raimi and Bruce both worked really hard to shape Ash to become a horror Icon. And they may have creative control over the character in the movie but they had no control over the rest of the plot. And the movie could make Ash look weak or change his backstory completely. I think it would been too many cooks in the kitchen. I think that is what may have happen to the first film that caused some issues with the plots and casting. And splitting the money, I am sure would also be hard to do. It's a shame it didn't work out but at least we got a chance to still view these icons. Ash is still going strong with his T.V. series 'Ash vs. Evil Dead'. And their has been rumors that Elm Street and Friday 13th might be having new movies coming out.

Comic book art from the comic book series.

Covers from the first series based on the original movie script.

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