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October week 3 news update

Time is ticking away to the witching hour of Halloween but let's enjoy it while we can. Get those pumpkins carved, that candy bought, and get those horror movies viewed.

Last weeks horror host news, was packed full with horror host Halloween Special information. Well this week is going to be an update on one special and some other frights.

Last week, I reported on the Screaming Soup Halloween special was coming and it had official arrived this week on Thursday. It was a wonderdful 36 minute spooktacular. This episode featured the review of the Basket Case trilogy and the final showdown between Deadwest and Buzzkill. I never seen the Basket Case films but the Screaming Soup crew seems to covered the films like they usually do in their own wonderful way. After the review it leads to the final battle of epic Proportions. Make sure during the battle and other parts of the episode to look out for the whose who of horror. All I can say is a certain bat wielding hairy little critter becomes a true hero. This episode was a nice close to the season.

And the ending of the Episode it gives you a little tease of what is to come in January of next year. You thought Marvel Civil war was the battle of the century. Well I think season fours battle of Troma Vs. Full Moon will be even more crazier. So many questions need to be answer and so long to wait. All I know is I hope Deadwest is ready to ref this horror showdown. I am excited for the next season.

You can view this fun special below:

The next Halloween special which looks to be coming sometime next week is "The Mummy and the Monkey show" special. The special will be number two to last years special. The special will be entitled, "The Mummy and the Monkey's Pumpkin Spice Halloween Special II." The special was filmed at the 7 Floor of Hell. Which is a haunted house located in Middelburg Heights, OH. It looks like it will be a scary good time. This week they just released an intro to their special. That is all the information so far about the special but once I gain more information about it. I will report on it.

Below you can watch the intro to the special:

The cover of Horrorhound

Almost every week, I have some kind Elvira news. Especially with her new book coming out and her KNOTT'S Berry Farm show. She was most recently featured in one of my favorite bi-monthly horror magazine called, "Horrorhound."Within the pages of the magazine they first have short interview entitled," 10 Questions with Cassandra Peterson and Elvira." The interview was conducted by Jason Hignite. It is a fun interview and the questions aren't the usual questions which is great. The Elvira answers to the questions are hilarious and Cassandra answers them seriously. I like a weird version of good cop and just goofy cop. It makes the the interview easy to read and just plain funny.

There is also a nice retrospect entitled," Elvira Mistress of The Dark." It was also done by Jason Hignite the same writer of the interview. In the retrospect he clearly maps out all of Elvira's career from her start to current time. It even covers her various movie and T.V. appearances. Also has some nice facts about her merchandise and some other fun facts. It worth a read and you might just learn something new.

Another interview in Horrorhound that is horror host related is entitled, "The Art of Horror Hosting: "Count Cool Rider." Again another interview done by Jason Hignite. This article is about Danny Kroker, better know as Danny from "Counting Cars" on the History Channel. In the interview the count is asked various questions about his career as a host. It is a very interesting interview.And you may just learn something you didn't know such as he did the character up until 2012. If your horror host fan than this issue is worth to pick up.

Count Cool Rider

The next horror host news is just a small update on Tales of the Crypt. It was reported earlier in the year that TNT was working on bring the show back. It looks like the show will run for an hour and will be airing in Fall of 2017. It will be the same format with the Crypt Keeper and different horror stories being shown.

Many see the Crypt Keeper as a host of sorts and others don't. I am personally in the middle of this. I feel like he was a host of the horror stories but he wasn't a host to horror of scifi movies. Which most hosts focus on bringing life back to those cheesy movies of the past. Its hard to say but needless to say the Keeper is coming back next year. I'll report more on it when I see more information. so check back.
He's coming back.

Last week,I had an exclusive on this blog for you all. An introduction of a new horror host. Who was Slash from the show "Graveyard Tales."  This week he just sent me a promo for his first episode and it looks great. I am looking forward to seeing what else he has in store for us. I wish him the best of luck with his first episode and his show period. Check back for his premier episode, which will be coming soon.

That is all for the Horror Host news this week. Check back next week for more.

Let's move on to some horror new.

Last week, I reported on the king of the monsters was returning with the help of Toho studio again.  He recently returned in the 28th installment of the franchise "Shin Godzilla." It came out to an atounding success of millions in Japan. Now it was our turn last week when it was released as a limited releases. And kast Tuesday was the last day of the limited run. With the limited releases the movie brought in $1, 537, 190. That was with only 490 theaters showing it around America. Could you imagine if they had a full run in more theaters.

Since the success, It was announced it was announced that the FUNimation distribution company will extended the release. They are going to have a special matinee on Saturday October 22th  in 200 theaters. And than continuing showings in certain theaters across America until October 27th. If you want know where you can see it. You just have to visit the FUNimation website.

Link to FUNimation:

Since there was so much Horror host news this week I thought I would just give you and update on the one horror new story this week. But I felt bad so I thought I would give you a treat and post a full movie you can view below. This movie is a William Castle classic 13 Ghosts. It is so much better than the horrible gory remake they came out with. It is even better when you can watch it in three-D with the glasses. The glasses would also make the ghosts appear and pop out at you as they did within the story of the movie. No wonder he was the king of gimmicks.

Enjoy and until next week stay creepy.

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