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weekly news update October week 4

I thought it was cold the other week but it is even getting colder. There are also even more leafs on the ground and everywhere else. But sadly instead of soaking up all that Halloween goodness it seems like everyone is already jumping to get ready for Christmas. At this point of time, I am trying to get my horror movie marathons done, pumpkin craving, and eating some treats. I know it is early but I would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and I hope you get a treat and not a trick.

Last week, horror host news covered some horror host Halloween specials and some other updates.This week will be the same but also mixed with some other horror host goodness. Check it out below.

This weekend will be a fun fest that happens every year in Cleveland, OH. It is the The Big Chuck and Lil' John Ghoulardi Fest. The dates for the fest will be October 28,29, and 30th.The fest celebrates the history of Cleveland horror hosts. The event also features themes of Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, and Nostalgia. The guests at the fest will include horror hosts from Cleveland's past and present. The hosts that will be at the fest are Big Chuck, Little John, Son of Ghoul, Grimm Gorri, Janet Decay and many others. The event will also include pizza fights, Ghoulardi Shock theater, costume contest, scaryoake contest, and so much more.

The official location of the fest is the La Villa  Party and Conference Center 11500 Brookpard Rd. Cleveland, OH. It looks like it will be another historic event. If you would like more information you can click on the link below that will take you to the fest homepage.

Ghoulardi Fest      

Last week, I reported that The Mummy and the Monkey was going to be having the Halloween Special coming out this week. It was officially released on the October the 25th. The special is entitled, "The Mummy and The Monkey's Pumpkin Spice Halloween Special 2." As stated last week it was filmed at the 7 Floors of Hell in Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea ,Ohio.  In the episode it looks like the two are up to all there old tricks. There are skits and some movie madness with the feature "Horror Hotel." I will post the special below for your viewing pleasure. And if you want even more Mummy and the Monkey fun you can always see them this weekend at Ghoulardifest.

The special:

Next in horror host news is all about Sammy Terry. He is going to be having a busy schedule coming up. The Full schedule will be posted below. But one of the events I want pull out is the October 31st. Halloween Day Birthday streaming special. Which will be featuring"Night of the Living Dead" in the episode. It will be streamed on his show webpage. The link will be featured below.

Sammy terry website

Looks like Elvira is going to be in horror host news again this week. She will be again featured on TV. This time on AMC Comic Book Men. Comic Book Men is a show that features the comic book shop that Kevin Smith that director of Clerks, Red State, and many other classics owns. The shop is called,"Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash" located in New Jersey. And the show basically follows the employees of the shop and some of the interesting items that come in the shop each week. In Episode 2 of Season 6, the guy at the shop plans a blood drive and they get help from Elvira Mistress of the Dark. Also in the summary of the episode, it says that during the episode the guys talk about the joys of Mystery Science Theater 3,000.  So it looks like a packed horror host episode.  It will be on this Sunday at midnight.

Below is a preview for the episode and some promo photos from the episode.

Elvira in her throne at the shop.
Promo poster for the new season
If you can't get to Ghoulardifest and still want meet a horror host than you can have the chance by meeting Penny Dreadful on the 29th.  She will be at Harvest of Horror located at 394 Old Meeting House Rd. East Falmouth, Massachusetts. The event will run 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. At the event she will be meeting fans and selling her DVDs. Have some scary fun and meet a host while you are there.

One last item, I must post and it is hard to post. It was reported that Zacherley the cool Ghoul or Roland to others hap passed away on October 27. Not much more information is know about what happen or when the funeral will take place. Check back here in the weekly updates or I will be doing separate postings about it. He will be missed especially around this Halloween. I thought it was interesting that one of his last news update on his website talked about Halloween coming up and Chiller Theater. Both were big parts of his life. With the ending of this week horror host news update I will leave with the last news update by zacherle.

Hello, hello, and Happy Halloween.
It’s time for the little ghouls and goblins to dress up and run around from house to house for the Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmees! Make sure you give them lots of gooey goodness to keep your local dentist in business. Who knows? You may need him in an emergency!
For those of you attending Chiller Theater, my old stomping grounds, this weekend, have an extra laugh on your old friend, Zacherley! Enjoy the show! Tell Kevin Clement how much fun you had! He’s a good boy.
I will be spending a quiet weekend in the old castle tower with a few friends I dug up on a recent walk through the local cemetery. While I do miss Chiller Theater I do find that retirement keeps me busy.
Well, off now! Enjoy the night, whatever you are! - Zacherley 

That seems to do it this week for horror host news. sorry for ending it on a sad note this week.

It's horror news time.

I reported on many of horror icons in the horror news updates such as Micheal Myers, Chucky, Freddy, and Ash. I had a little article that focused on Jason from Friday the 13th but nothing about his own franchise and what is going on with it. It was one of the most talked about topics on the morning of October 26th on Facebook. It seems the production of Friday the 13th newest installment has found a filming location and a start date. Earlier this year it was reported by many media sources that Friday the 13th franchise could get a new movie or even a TV show on the CW network. But those fleeting nightmares of a new movie and show was soon dashed. The movie was release date was pushed back due to rewrites and other items. And the CW show was shelved due to reasons unknown. 

This left many to wonder will there favorite hockey mask machete wielding slasher favorite will be on the big screen again. Well just this week it was reported in an interview with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form that they are indeed continuing with the production of the movie.  The casting for the movie will start in December. And the big news is that it will start filming in Atlanta this Spring. And the film will be released on October 13, 2017. This is some exciting news to actually see some kind of traction going on with this film and it actually will be going somewhere. below is the full interview if you like to see it.

 Over the past weekend, millions tuned into the walking Dead wondering who would be the latest victim out their favorite characters. When it was who was it brought some fans to tears and ruined their day. But it seems the Walking Dead might be ruining something else.

In a recent interview with IndieWire George Romero talked about how The Walking Dead and World War Z has ruined him to do new installment of his zombie franchise. Romero stated that, "the success of The Walking Dead and World War Z as a major reason why I can't pitch Socioplotical zombie films with a modest budget. I used to be able to pitch them on basis of the  zombie action, and I could hide the message inside of that. Now you can't. The moment the word 'zombie', it's gotta be 'Hey, Brad Pitt will be paid $400 million to do that." It is really kind of disheartening to hear that. He was one of the people to help push zombies through the decades. He may have not come up with the initial ideas of zombies or ghouls but he shaped it to be what it is now. And he might be left out of the sub genre totally because of the new direction it is going in.

He also stated more in the article about how The Walking Dead has affected him making future zombie movies. Here is what he said," Then all the sudden, here came, The Walking Dead. A zombie film with that had any sort of substances could not be made. It had to be a zombie film with just zombies wreaking havoc."

I can understand where he is coming from he is about the zombies causing havoc but he wants to have an over all underlying social theme to it. And at times with zombie movies it is just no substances zombie action or become too much of a soap opera. When it comes to The Walking Dead I am biased I do have to admit. I enjoy the comic books more than the series and think at times to do it full justice they would have to go to a paid channel such as HBO or Showtime because the comics are so much more darker.

Also I believe the zombie genre at this point and time is so burnt out. When Hollywood get a hold of something that works they will run with it until there is nothing left. Some zombie movies at this point have become as mindless as the zombies themselves. I think it may be time to let the genre rest a little or come out with fewer a year. If your a zombie fan than this is your time. I do hope George will make one more film of the zombie proportion before he is officially done directing.

* Some of this is my personal opinion and may not have much backing but you can always tell me what you think.

Here is the link for the full interview:
IndieWire Interview with George Romero

Well after I left you with that George Romero bomb shell of hating The Walking Dead and halting him from making more Zombie fun. I think I will leave you with his original classic the Night of the Living dead for your viewing pleasure.There coming to get you Barbara.


That does it for this weeks update and I hope you all have a happy Halloween. Until next time stay Creepy.

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