Saturday, November 5, 2016

Week 1 of November News Update: Halloween special edition

Well Halloween came this week in all it's glory. The costume kids were running around sugared up on their candy hauls, Jack-O lanterns put out for the final time, and monsters partying the night away. Hope all your Halloweens were safe and fun. Also wondered did anyone watch some fun horror host specials? If the answer is no than just check out some below. What else can I say in this opening oh yeah Christmas Christmas go away come back when your suppose to.

Well let's get rolling with some horror host news updates. This week is a special addition it is chocked full with Halloween specials.

The first Halloween Special comes from Dr. Paul Bearer II. It features some zombie jinxes.


The next one is The Night Chills Theater by Vincent Grimmly. Vincent Grimmly and a special guest of the vampire variety goes all MST3k style on this Halloween special.

The Night Chills Theatre Halloween Special... by vincent-grimmly

part 2 

The Night Chills Theatre Halloween Special... by vincent-grimmly

The next Special is done by Penny Dreadful. She is currently selling it on VEMO for 0.99. Below is the trailer and link to buy the special.

Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers - Halloween Special 2016 from Peculiar Productions on Vimeo.

Penny Dreadful Halloween Special purchasing

Another Horror host special was done by Bobby Gammonster. In this episode he hosts the creepy movie  The Ghost.

The trailer:

The full episode:

The next one is more of an interview than a Halloween special.The House of Bone Halloween Special interview with Mr. Ghastly. Covers multiple of topics that comes with Halloween.

The next special is done by Colonel  Graves. The special is called, "The Public Domain Drive-in Presents The Haunted Radio Halloween Special." It a mix of audio and visiual fun. With some classic audio tale and some Halloween videos.

Public Domain Drive-In presents The Haunted Radio Halloween Special from Public Domain Drive-In on Vimeo.

The next one is a not really a Halloween Special but Count Gore De Vol decided to feature night of the living dead as a classic to get you through Halloween. Check it out below with some really interesting facts by Gore. It is in three separate parts so I'll post the link below so you can check it out in it's full glory.

Night of the Living dead special

If I missed any specials please comment below and tell me. I am sure I did. I will also be adding more if I come across any more.

It's horror news time. Not too much this week. I have a side project I am working on for the blog so wanted to mainly focus on getting the horror host Halloween specials up. But their was one special item I wanted to report on.

It was Godzilla's birthday on November the 3rd. He is 62 and doesn't look bad for his age that crazy old lizard. He has seen some facelifts and changes recently with the new American Godzilla in 2014 and Shin Godzilla this year. I am hoping to see him come back even more in the upcoming years. Just a side note I do say he when I am talking about Godzilla. I like to think of him as a dude lol but who knows. Any way happy birthday Godzilla and let's hope for many more years of destruction in your future.

All rights going to artist.

Just rocking out on his birthday.

rights to artist.

Here is a classic to celebrate his birthday for your viewing pleasure. Godzilla Vs. King Kong (1964).

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